Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (To be a small thing down the bottom of the page please similar to the relationship circle website) Saye Counselling is committed to maintaining your privacy and how your information is used below.

Why do we need your personal information?
Saye Counselling will collect your personal information to provide a high level of service. Information that will be requested will be full name, date of birthday, phone number, email and emergency contact.

Sharing of information
At Saye Counselling personal information and conversations are confidential expect when

  • In the event of an emergency where there is risk of significant harm to yourself, family member or community members.
  • If it is subpoenaed by court Written permission will be required before any information may be provided to other services.

Storing and protecting your personal information
All personal information will be stored in a password protection system.

If you have any complaints, concerns or feedback please email or
call 0439547265.